"Almythea" is a mythology for the new age filled with epic characters that take us on a Sci-Fi fantasy thrill-ride through an ancient civilization that might parallel our own origins. It's a saga full of action, love, adventure, jealousy, betrayal and redemption where heroes and mystical beings battle for control of their very souls even as a simultaneous war is waged 'in heaven.' 

For millennia, an immortal, horned, tendrilled, tyrant once known as Terrian Diomedes who (in his fall from grace) became "the Lost One" has been enslaving worlds by encircling their planets with an energy field (the Shock Net) that cuts off its inhabitants from the rest of the universe, both physically and spiritually. Against all odds to defeat such might, a young villager named Little Hawk dreams of being the hero of his people and winning the heart of his childhood sweetheart, Broken Arrows.

Set against the background of a 1000 year war between spiritual, immortal warriors known as the E3 and Diomedes, Little Hawk's fate is manipulated by a rebellious E3 shaman, Grey Paw. Cursing the name of Terrian Diomedes even as Diomedes himself curses his fall from grace, Grey Paw trains Little Hawk to overcome his inner demons and hone his warrior spirit for the challenge ahead.

Ever present in their path is Diomedes' sinister overlord and winged-temptress, Raven Weaver. Commanding the Lost One's army of lizard-skinned thugs (Latchers) Raven Weaver's loathing for the role she plays in the subjugation of her home world drives her to become more duplicitous than complicit with her master's goal for domination. 

In an explosive battle-filled conclusion to the first film, Little Hawk must awaken his true power while Diomedes remains resolute that he shall regain all that he once possessed in his E3 form to dominate rather than coexist with his immortal brethren.

In a land brimming with mystical creatures ranging from the enchanting, pixie-like "Fleafs," to vaporous "Evil-Whisperers" that instill self-doubt and loathing in even the strongest mind, this premiere of the franchise keeps its audience gasping and guessing from beginning to end.



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