The Keeper

His complicated past, however, caused disquiet amongst two diametrically opposed groups: the dwindling number of his people, some of whom also escaped and joined the E3, who see him as a turncoat, and the Latcher demons, who whisper into his mind that he’s not a true believer. Consequently, he has felt like a misfit ever since, disliked by factions on both sides.

The one constant in The Keeper’s life has been the unconditional love of his flying Striders with the Golden Hooves. This is why he chooses to live with them in the Valley of Old Fire rather than in the Tower of Strength with his peers.  

The unapologetic, personable leader believes he must free Almythea to atone for his past failings. It is why he chose to be imprisoned on the planet rather than flee, as other E3 members did, in the face of an overpowering Latcher insurgence. In corporeal form he is a shoesmith and strapper.  

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